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Trigger Weight:
Putting your trigger on a diet!

Article Index:

Most folks will agree that they would prefer that their Glock's trigger be a little more "user friendly", especially for competition. This article will track my Glock 22 trigger system's (hopeful) improvement as I proceed through a list of modifications. Use the article index above to jump to the pull weight table to check for updates if you've been here before.

At Right: This is an image of the very simple setup that I will be using to measure the trigger pull weight. Essentially, the pistol is set in a bench mounted vice with the slide vertical. A simple harness is rigged over the trigger and a bag is hooked to the harness. Weight is added to the bag in the form of 40 S&W cases which yields an incremental weight increase of approximately +/-4.5 g per case.

I submit that this method is quite a bit more accurate than any currently marketed trigger scale for several reasons:

  • it has no springs or moving parts,
  • it is a static system and not nearly as prone to errors due to differing static and kinetic coefficients of friction, and
  • it is accurate to within approximately 0.1 grams vs. 2 oz. (56.75 g) or more for the average trigger scale.





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