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LEVERS: Shimano BL-M950
Click to enlarge Image....The only thing I new for sure when I started researching levers, shifters, brakes, etc was that I didn't want integrated shifters/levers! Having small hands, I need the option of setting the lever and shifter positions independently. Further, you also have the option of later upgrades to either component individually. Though I will likely further upgrade the braking system on the bike at some future date, Shimano XTR seemed to be a fairly safe bet as a starting place... And I wasn't disappointed... these levers are a huge improvement over the stock parts. Besides better performance, feel, and fit, they fit right into the black/gray color scheme on the bike. Check the reviews over at mtbREVIEW (Note: the pic on the review page is incorrect). Click to enlarge Image....Could not find an info page on the stock Shimano ST-EF28 integrated levers/shifters. And since they are integrated, direct weight comparisons are not possible.... But the overall comparisons still tell the tale:

Shimano XTR shifters, levers and cables:  577.10g
Shimano ST-EF28s and cables:  606.15g

So this upgrade realized the better of everything I wanted: individual component levers and shifters, much better performance, shaved some weight, and look wayyy better.

Weight: 245.6g (w/ cables) Weight: 606.15g (integrated lever/shifter w/ cables)
Click to enlarge Image....The Shimano XTR brakes are simply great. I had originally intended to go with the Avid Arch Supreme part, but it seems there is a small incompatibility problem between the Arch Supreme and the Marzocchi Z2 X-Fly shock I chose. I believe the prob can be easily solved with the proper sized spacer, but I didn't want to take any chances right now. No matter really, as the XTR's performance is phenomenal in comparison to the stock part... and the matte gray "fits" the bike perfectly. Check the reviews over at mtbREVIEW. Click to enlarge Image....According to the DB Response Sport page, the stock part is by Tektro... No other info was available, nor necessary as it turns out. This is a barely passable consumer-grade brake, ugly, and simply not in the same league as the Shimano BR-M951.
Weight: F/R 199.35g/199.70g  Weight: F/R 214.4g/213.5g




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