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Esslinger D-Port Aluminum Head
AKA: New Aluminum Street Head (NASH)
from the great folks at:


Ever hear the saying, "Watched water never boils."? Well, it's almost true. I put my deposit down on the New Esslinger Aluminum Street Head (NASH) (Officially known as the D-Port Aluminum Head) way back in the late Spring or early Summer of 2002. I thought it would never arrive, but it finally did today (01/20/2003)! And I have to tell you, this is one sweet piece of metal!!!  ..and IMHO well worth the wait. the castings have actually been ready for some time, but the folks at Esslinger of course had to run it through the mill to "try and break it."  They didn't...

A big thanks goes out to everyone who had a hand in making this head a reality... You all know who you are!    And of course a big "attaboy" to Dan Esslinger for 1) designing it, and 2) for being willing to take the financial risk to produce the NASH! You keep designing parts for us TurboFord kinda guys, and we'll keep buyin' 'em!!

I'll be taking more shots and posting them later along with more specific information about the part, but suffice to say, I expect great things from it. This is a "stock" NASH, but has been machined for solid lifters, and is also fitted with Esslinger's Part # 2277 Turbo Roller Cam.

More to come...!


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